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15 Life Computer and Technology Hacks

An existence hack is a procedure, system, trap or easy route that can help make life less demanding – by accelerating effectiveness, upgrading profitability and once in a while limiting a wellspring of disturbance with a snappy trap. That is as near a word reference definition as you can get.

Cherish them or abhor them, life hacks have progressed toward becoming so ingrained in our online lives that there are destinations and recordings devoted to sharing these hacks (or exposing them).

In this arrangement, we need to impart to you 15 of tech life hacks. You may have known about some of them, particularly with regards to console easy routes and helpful online instruments and sites, yet it doesn’t hurt to know a greater amount of them.

  • If you accidentally close a tab, ctrl+shift+t reopen it.
  • If you lost an android phone in your house and it’s on vibrate, you can find it by going to Google Play>Android device manager>’Ring’
  • An iPad charger will charge your iPhone much faster
  • If you want to buy the cheapest airline tickets online, use your browser’s incognito mode. Prices go up if you visit a site multiple times
  • If you’re at a hotel and run out of chargers, the tv usually has a USB plugin.
  • Putting your phone on airplane mode will stop ads while playing games
  • The program DeTune will transfer all of the songs from an iPod/iPhone and put them on your computer
  • Stop using Google.com to search for information for school essays, use scholar.google.com instead. You will find more relevant information right away
  • If you download a ‘PDF’ and you see it ends in ‘exe’ delete it. It’s usually a virus
  • If you have a computer that blocks sites such as YouTube, Google Chrome’s incognito mode will let you access them
  • You can use Google as a timer by typing ‘Set timer (x) minutes’ into the search bar
  • If you want to download a YouTube video, just add “ss” to the URL between www. And YouTube
  • For lets, you send letters to yourself in the future
  • If your phone battery is really low and you need it for later don’t turn it off. Instead, put it on airplane mode. Turning it off and on will waste battery life
  • Storing batteries in the freezer can up to double their lifespan

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