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Best Firefox Web Accelerator

A Firefox web accelerator can enable clients to make the most out of their Internet association. Firefox web acceleration can accelerate those slow sites and pack the most conceivable information through an accessible pipline, so join us as we consider these web acceleration from Firefox.

fasTun Tool

An extraordinary Firefox web accelerator is the fasTunTool which coordinates the prevalent (and free) fasTun web accelerator into the Firefox program. fasTun influences the web to encounter speedier by packing site pages (making them littler) before sending them to a client’s web program. Since there is less information to send, the web perusing knowledge is quicker.

FasTun additionally accelerates the web program by blocking promotions and compacting pictures to limit the measure of information expected to show pages so Firefox can stack them in less time.

The fasTun apparatus is accessible from Mozilla Firefox additional items and requires a client to have a fasTun client account. Since this is a free administration, openings are not generally accessible so clients may need to attempt other Firefox web quickening agents while sitting tight for an open door with fasTun.


FastestFox is not anymore accessible.

FastestFox is Firefox web quickening agent that paces up the client encounter by utilizing parallel downloads and auto-stacking of connected website pages. FastestFox has a download choice for media on a page that enables clients to spare recordings and other substance to their PC so they can see them in a speedier, more reliable way.

This efficiency enhancer is accessible as a free download from the Mozilla Firefox add-on site.

Fasterfox Lite:

A standout among-st the most prevalent Firefox web accelerators has come back to the market big. Shedding just the pre-bringing abilities of the first Fasterfox, Fasterfox Lite accompanies numerous presets intended to quicken web perusing through broadband associations. Other than the inherent settings for increasing speed, clients can set their own inclinations to make Fasterfox a Firefox quickening agent that is important for relatively every client.

Speeding up systems, for example, coordinated substance reflowing, IP form 6 DNS, SSL pipelining, and UI responsiveness permit Fasterfox Lite to convey a web perusing background that is essentially speedier than Firefox’s ordinary activity.


CProxy is a free web accelerator that works with Firefox and other web programs to ration transfer speed and quicken the clients’ web understanding. To utilize CProxy, clients should first join the CProxy Website. In spite of the fact that a constrained adaptation of the administration is accessible for nothing (32-256 kbps), premium clients can get packed and streamlined web streams at velocities of 756 kbps.
Other than diminishing the information required for clients to stack site pages, CProxy additionally goes about as a mysterious intermediary that does not pass clients’ IP delivers on to the web servers they visit.

Cost for CProxy is recorded as $35, yet the site likewise acknowledges different monetary standards for installment.

All clients of CProxy must download an establishment program (Windows just) that deals with the association between a client’s machine and the CProxy benefit.

Which Firefox Web Accelerator is Best?

FasTun by a long shot is by all accounts the best and prominent web quickening agent for Firefox. Shockingly, it has a constrained measure of client spaces accessible, implying that not every person can join constantly.

CProxy is likely the following best arrangement, with its essential disadvantage being that clients must pay to get quicker speeds.

The other Firefox web quickening agents appear to depend basically on tweaking program settings and, consequently, appear to be the slightest powerful, albeit both FastestFox and Fasterfox Lite can both significantly enhance program execution.

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