How to get daily 5k to 10k Instagram Follower

what is instagram ?

Instagram is a free mobile app which used to capture and share the world’s best moments, it is a fast, handsome and fun way to share your life with your besties through a way of pictures and videos. #Instagram

today i am telling you some tips and tricks to get daily organic 5k to 10k instagram followers.

optimise your instagram profile :

1:Switch to a business profile
2:Chose simple, recognizable username
3:Clean, branded profile picture
4:Include a compelling call-to-action
5:Intrigung and informative bio
6:optimise your call-to-action link
7:Quality content with strong brand aesthetic
8:Showcase content and offer in IG stories Highlight


checklist for instagram story :

1: Use 2 or 3 hashtages
2:Add location or GEO tag
3:Use GIFS, EMOJIS or music
4:Engaging stories with polls, questions and countdown
5:Always use latest strickers
6:Mention username if sharing posts

engaging content ideas :

1:Share a personal story
2:Go behind the scenes
3:Share a loss or a failure
4:Share a success story
5:Ask a Questions
6:Post something about your bucket list
7:Post interesting stats or data about your indutry

How to build trusted on instagram :

1:Providing users with free educational content
2:Generate valuable and practical content
3:Providing service guarantees on instagram
4:Displaying products in real environment
5:Branding your business on instagram
6:Share your customer’s comments and opinions about your products
7:Share photos or videos from behind the scenes of your business

get more save on instagram post:

1:Create post which helps people to solve problems
2:Write long-form memorable captions
3:Provide innovative ideas
4:Create posts on trending topics
5:Just ask for it

instagram stories content ideas :

5:Personal story
6:Ask me anything
7:Share your inspiration
8:About me
9:Your favorite

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